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Legal Practice Areas

KATHERINE SAUNDERS ATTY AT LAW in Tulsa, OK, earned a Master of Business Administration degree combined with a law degree, which finds useful in providing expertise legal representation.

Business & Corporate Law

Katherine has in-depth k knowledge of both corporate law and business law. Corporate law focuses on legal aspects governing sale and distribution of goods. Business law covers acquisitions, mergers, formation of companies, and the rights of shareholders. Turn to KATHERINE SAUNDERS ATTY AT LAW for all your corporate and business legal needs to ensure you protect your interests and business.
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Estate Planning

Don't put your hard work's earnings at risk. You want to make sure your assets are distributed to your loved ones at the time of death, making it easier for your assets as well. Katherine analyzes your unique circumstances and helps you decide the best choices that are right for you.

Probate Law & Estate Administration

Probate is the legal process of distribution of your assets and debts are paid after your death. Estate administration is the transfer of those assets to your loved ones. Probate can be a long process from identifying to gathering assets. KATHERINE SAUNDERS ATTY AT LAW can assist in making the process easier to handle and understand.

Our Legal Services

  • Asset Protection & Planning
  • Business & Entity Formation
  • Contracts
  • Leases
  • Employment Agreements
  • Disability Planning
  • Trusts & Wills
  • Estate Planning & Estate Tax
  • Probate Law & Administration
  • Adult Guardianship
  • Business Law
  • Trademarks & Copyrights
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